A Small Fish in a Big Pond
My name is Katie.
I'm 21 and live in Connecticut. I'm an AEMT, and employed with a national ambulance service.

I'm mommy to a corgi, and two devil cats.
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this video ruined my life for the better

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"how will i explain gay couples to my children”

if you can explain to your children that an immortal man in a red suit who lives in the north pole travels around the entire world on one night every year on a sleigh carried by magical flying deer i think itll be easy enough to tell them two people are in love

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Being against gay marriage does not make one a homophobe.

Learn to respect other people’s beliefs and opinions before calling them a “hater” and “homophobe”. Grow up.

Let me put this in to perspective for you. You’re relationship that you love your partner so…




Penn and Teller on Vaccinations - Video

I have a child with autism, and a child with autism is still better off than a child dying with a preventable disease.

I used to work teaching and caring for kids with autism and they are amazing. I have adult friends with autism. Different does not equal bad. And vaccinating kids doesn’t cause autism it only keeps all of us safer.

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TurboRoo, a chihuahua born without its front legs, was given a 3D printed cart made by San Diego firm 3dyn so he could train to be a service dog for disabled children.

I think we could all use these pics today. Golly!

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i want a word for the almost-home.

that point where the highway’s monotony becomes familiar
that subway stop whose name will always wake you from day’s-end dozing
that first glimpse of the skyline
that you never loved until you left it behind.

what do you call the exit sign you see even in your dreams?
is there a name for the airport terminal you come back to,
comfortably exhausted?

i need a word for rounding your corner onto your street,
for seeing your city on the horizon,
for flying homewards down your highway.

give me a word for the boundary
between the world you went to see
and the small one you call your own.

i want a word for the moment you know
you’re almost home.




If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!


they said “bra wearer” 

respect, lifehacks. 

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